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Great comedy from England!

In the English city of Handforth, the online meeting of a local council has increased in its entirety. Recording of the Battle of Words landed on YouTube – the finest reality TV product!

The video of the meeting, which had already taken place in December, took a few weeks to make the rounds on the web. Now not only England is stunned by involuntary reality stars.

With a splendidly elegant accent, most of the younger members do not bite one blast after another. They interrupt each other, poison each other, shout, laugh.

Before the meeting officially begins, technical matters are clarified. Then it comes within minutes – and trouble begins: The meeting was not called according to the law, an elderly man says. An elderly woman denies this.

“You have nothing to say here, Jackie Weaver, nothing to say!” The gentleman complains. Weaver gasps and stumbles with his computer. Then a small man’s voice can be heard in the background: “He threw him out, he just threw him out!”

The person who was ejected had identified himself as the treasurer through his screen name – something the contestants deny. The discussion is whether the man should be brought to the meeting. He has to stay outside.

Bullshit is talked about for several minutes. Finally, Weaver begins: This is a meeting called by two local councils. “Illegal!” Disrupts the sound again from the background. But Weaver continues: “… to elect a president.”

The little man then walks out: “You can’t do this because the vice president is present. I’ll take the chair.” He shouts: “Read the rules of the process! Read and understand them!”

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This is where things get really chaotic: Many older men teach Weaver about the rules of procedure. “The president of the local council is … um … the president of the council!” Throws in a person with a mustache.

“Show some respect for Jackie Weaver,” demands a white-haired woman with a permit. An elderly man who appears to be sitting on the couch replies with frenzied laughter. Jackie Weaver has removed her other critics from the video call with a click of the mouse, the box being quiet.

She later told the BBC that most of the session was “not really so”. The reason for the dispute has not been rebuilt.

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