Great Britain between virus mutant and Brexit

Wo Where does Boris Johnson’s new scent come from? And how did the UK manage one in four civilians already vaccinated? FAZ’s London correspondent speaks about it, Jochen Buchsteiner.

How is the British coping with Brexit? How possible is Johnson’s motto “Global Britain” upon leaving the European Union? Best-selling British writer and journalist David goodheart Has settled with the liberal elite in England – and criticized the image of Great Britain in Germany.

Why can’t vaccination in Britain prevent the virus more effectively? And why is mutant not only more contagious, but also apparently more dangerous? FAZ science editor tells about it Joachim Muller Jung.

From the lonely island – Johann Buchsteiner reports on life in Great Britain between Brexit and the epidemic. Read the text here.

The Transformation of Boris Johnson – Why the British Prime Minister has changed his conduct in recent weeks. Read the text here.

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