Grease, road and maritime network disruption in snow

Road networks and sea transport in Greece were disrupted on Monday after heavy snowfall, with civilian security warning against “dangerous meteorological events that will continue”.

The Greek section of the High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has in recent times offered “heaters” to migrant camps around the country where tens of thousands of refugees are suffering from cold, hail and worsening conditions.

In addition to the north of the country where winter temperatures near zero are normal, the large suburbs of northern and eastern Athens were covered in snow on Monday and traffic on the main highway was connecting the capital to the north’s metropolitan Thessaloniki, for some time. Hours were interrupted.

Strong winds forced boats connecting Athens to the Aegean Islands to leave the anchorage. The storm could come in the next few days, civil security warned.

Some villages on the island of Eviya near Athens were temporarily deprived of electricity as its road network was disrupted.

According to the weather services, “low temperatures, frost and snowfall” will also continue on Tuesday. Civil Defense recommended avoiding the trip.

“No one is in danger at the (migrant) camp on the island of Lesbos”, Manos Logoshethis, general secretary of the shelter for the more than 6,000 asylum seekers in the country’s most populous, reassured.

“We are working daily to improve the conditions of reception camps on the islands,” he said in local media.

In Lesbos, the Moria camp, surrounded by two consecutive fires in September, has been temporarily turned into a flood-prone and open-air area, where NGOs condemn poor conditions and lack of infrastructure, while media restrictions Terminates upon access.

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