Government considering compulsory vaccination beyond just caregivers

Following a meeting between the labor ministry and social partners, the government is considering compulsory immunization beyond mere caregivers for the “field of care in the broadest sense”.

The consultation was held at a time when the President of the Republic could unveil new measures on Monday evening in the context of the deterioration in the health situation due to the delta variant.

According to Cyril Chabnier (CFTC), vaccination obligation may therefore relate to the nursing staff “but also the medico-social sector, the transport sector, i.e. everything that assists the individual – ambulances, samu, approved taxis, firefighters”. – Or even the caregivers.

Catherine Perrett (CGT) also affirms that the obligation may extend to “medical-social, social sector, domestic assistance”.

Asked by AFP, the president of Médefé Geoffroy Roux de Bézeux said the first employers’ organization was “in favor of compulsory vaccination of caregivers and only caregivers”.

The CGT, for its part, reaffirmed its willingness to “believe” rather than force it. “The tone in general has changed, with employee organizations saying they are a bit bored of the obligation,” she argued.

Asked by AFP, CFDT general secretary Laurent Berger confirmed that his union did not think that “it is by the logic of sanctions that things should be approached but for dialogue and pedagogy”.

Mr Chabnier, for his part, does not see “how we carry out obligations without restrictions”, calling it “reasonable”. “We can imagine things”, like unpaid leave, but “from there until the dismissal of that person, I don’t think it deserves it”.

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Another point debated is the “reciprocity” related to health passes between employees and customers of places such as discotheques.

“We are in favor of aligning access conditions for employees and customers in places where health passes have been requested,” Roux de Bezeix told AFP.

“All unions are opposed to an employer being able to demand a health pass,” Ms Perret said.

“It does not seem relevant to us at this stage,” confirmed the CFDT’s Catherine Pinchot.

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