Government action on chaos at airports

The executive tries to “avoid a recurrence” of serious disturbances recorded especially during the Easter holidays, or on these days.

flight schedules

Amid long queues and a series of flight cancellations at many airports in the country, British air transport is struggling to absorb the recovery in demand, especially following layoffs during the pandemic, due to a paucity of manpower.

On Thursday morning, travelers on Twitter denounced “total chaos” at Heathrow, the country’s main hub, after 30 flights were canceled during the morning rush hour, causing an influx of passengers at the airport to exceed the number of passengers.

The government has therefore called on companies to implement actual flight schedules and “warn passengers at the earliest” in the event of disruptions, according to a press release.

It also plans to expedite security checks by authorities before hiring employees in airlines or airports.

London already last week announced a temporary easing of the rules governing take-off and landing slots, to allow companies to adapt their flight schedules for next season this summer without losing their rights. So to receive.

While Brexit has reduced the chances of hiring European workers, the British government has assured that more immigration will not be the solution, as the problems “concern the EU and the United States”.

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