Golden State Killer suspect is expected to claim guilty

Golden State Killer suspect is expected to claim guilty

SACRAMENTO, California – A man accused of being a rapist and murderer who terrorized California residents in the 1970s and 1980s, said he refused to blame for dozens of crimes due to the death penalty, a source of law enforcement and a victim’s relative. Monday.

Joseph DeAngelo, a former police officer accused of being the Golden State Murderer, is expected to reject his crime on June 29 and receive a life sentence in August without the possibility of parole after the relatives of the survivors and killed were confronted in court.

“We fully support the death penalty and still fully support the decision of the Golden State Killer to allow it to beg to life without the possibility of parole,” said Ron Harrington. Her younger brother Keith and her new brother-in-law Patti were beaten to death in their home in Orange County in August 1980.

“Almost 40 years have passed, and some of the victims have died, there are fundamental issues in terms of evidence,” he explained. “There are victims who passed away, how will they testify?”

Sacramento County public advocates did not show increasingly weaker responses to phone and email requests about their 74-year-old customers in March in the final court appearance.

District lawyers in six districts who demanded the death penalty issued a joint statement not addressing this issue, but noted the scope of crimes that began more than forty years ago and covered dozens of victims in 11 counties for more than a decade.

Officials say 72-year-old Joseph James DeAngelo was identified by DNA evidence called serial predator Golden State Killer
Officials say 72-year-old Joseph James DeAngelo was identified by DNA evidence called serial predator Golden State KillerREUTERS

DeAngelo stated that only when the researchers secretly collected DNA more than two years ago, at night it proved that the couple were the people who entered the suburban houses. He attacked the armed and masked rapist and digged the dishes on his back, threatening to kill both victims when he heard that the plates had fallen while attacking women.

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“A victim of crime has the right to have certainty in criminal cases and to have the expectation that the convicted person will be punished for committing a crime,” prosecutors said. They said their offices “worked closely with the victims in this case to ensure that their statements were evaluated by the Court prior to conviction.”

“The large scope of the case (and) many prosecutors and witnesses said was a moral and ethical responsibility to consider any proposal from the defense,” the prosecutors said.

Governor Gavin Newsom stopped executions while he was governor, but his death sentence is legal in California.

Harrington said the decision was made approximately two weeks before prosecutors consulted the survivors and sworn in confidentiality until news was first reported by The Sacramento Bee.

It only expects the day-long trial to read all the charges, and to hold the trial in a larger yet unspecified place than any courtroom to keep dozens of victims and spectators at a safe distance during the coronavirus outbreak.

DeAngelo is suspected to have at least 13 murders and more than 50 rapes across California. In most of the rapes, Harrington said, “I ran out of time and couldn’t be formally charged with them, but I officially understood that he would or would not accept them.” Said.

Harrington may take several days in mid-August because every survivor or family member will have the chance to face DeAngelo face-to-face, video or text.

Harrington was told that there was consensus among the survivors about going along with the defense deal.

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“There have been a lot of victims, and not only in our case – there are many other people who want to close,” said Harrington. “We are approaching closure as much as we can get.”

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