Ghost Hunters: “I’ve Captured Some Good Events”

A Quebec ghost hunter, based on his (approximately) 22 years of experience, has been able to capture many paranormal phenomena using specialized equipment.

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The phenomenon of the electronic voice or silhouette, Frank Natarelli Jr., founder of Hantis Quebec, saw several demonstrations during his investigation.

Apart from this, they are strictly executed.

Frank Natarelli Jr. begins by collecting the testimony of those who have witnessed the events, analyzes them and, if he deems it necessary, deploys his equipment to investigate.

“We have thermal cameras, I also have electromagnetic field detectors, ghost boxes, an Ovilus to do electronic voice incident sessions. You can approach entities through the white noise of the radio and you’re very, very Can sound clear,” explained the paranormal investigator in an interview with LCN on Saturday.

Mr. Natarelli Jr. notably participated in the “Residence Moudites” program at CASA, during which he conducted an investigation at a residence in Laurentian in Sainte-Sophie.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t get a lot of exposure during filming because there was a big film crew on site and the space was very tight. On the other hand, I picked up some good electronic voice events,” he admits.

the noise that is scary

The interviewer often receives calls due to the noise heard in various establishments.

“Often, it is the unexplained steps, the sounds we often hear running up the stairs. They are also inexplicable noises, moving objects. This is often what comes up in interrogations,” he explained.

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If Frank Natarelli Jr. has chosen this path, it is primarily to help others.

“Me, I seek adrenaline and help people who are victims of paranormal phenomena because if I don’t help them, there aren’t many people who will help them, they don’t have a lot of resources, ” They said.

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