How to Get Free Followers On Instagram: Best Tips You Can Try

When starting a new business, it can be exciting to imagine yourself as a top brand on Instagram. While it’s always possible to do, the road is undoubtedly challenging. Build your presence by getting free Instagram followers is one way to go. But making yourself be followed by 10,000 Instagram followers is hard to get.


With a new account, no one basically knows who you are yet. Indeed as a brand owner, you feel confident about your product and want to tell the world about it. You can start by gaining some followers first via these methods:


Join Instagram Groups


Why those people already have a thousand followers with only weeks on Instagram? Are they using some kind of cheat?


The questions can be answered with one thing, Instagram group. This tactic is most suitable for new accounts who’d like to get free Instagram followers as a start. By joining the Instagram engagement groups on social media, you can get a more specified list of followers interested in your niche.


Various groups are made based on their niche, including beauty, fashion, and many others. Not only obtaining some followers, but it’s also an excellent way to gain free Instagram likes. While not giving a boost to your sale, Instagram engagement groups can still help you increase your credibility to start with numbers of Instagram followers free.


Repost Popular Contents


While keeping things original is a must, you can start to develop your presence by reposting others’ content. When doing this, always credit the creator in the description every time you post. This way, you can gain more engagement without getting flagged.

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You can do it whether manually or by using an app, a Repost app. While doing this, you might ask, “Why am I doing this instead of posting my own content?”

The answer is pretty simple because it’s easier to report content. As long as they’re credited to their original owners, you can avoid getting reported.


It’s essential to understand what to repost. You can start by doing a little research around popular hashtags that are watched daily. See the top-performing posts that weren’t reposted by fan pages, and dig further by seeing the reactions on each post. This technique is simple enough, even for beginners.


But, with the new Instagram policy, you need to ask permission from the original creators first before reposting their content. If done correctly, you may gain Instagram followers free and free Instagram likes.


Reach Out to Influencers


An influencer has been a steady job on Instagram, and this opportunity opens up a new marketing method. It is easier to have customer photos to increase your credibility. Customer reviews are one deciding factor of how good a brand or a company is.


Whether on sites or social media, customer reviews become new word-of-mouth, the most powerful marketing method.


If you’ve never had a customer, you can plan to reach out to influencers. Start with the ones who have under 5,000 followers, so that the rate would be pretty low. With them “reviewing” your product, you can have free Instagram followers in no time.

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