Germany ranks UK as country most at risk

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11:07 : Since the start of the pandemic, the French’s mental health has deteriorated and the consumption of anxiolytics and antidepressants has increased. 68-year-old retired grandfather, Jean-Paul, now wonders if “So Many Sacrifices” to lead “A Paused Life is Still an Exciting Project”, His testimony and others can be read here.

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11h00 : The year-end celebrations will still take place under the sign of the pandemic. A health strain that puts more and more burden on the French. Mary and a few others told me how COVID has become a real mental burden in their daily lives. to read here.

10h38 : Hi @lamamandelolou, You actually need to cancel your appointment for the injection of your booster dose. The Ministry of Health website indicates that you may be entitled to it for five months after the date of your transition, but that period should probably be reduced to 4 months following announcements made Friday by Jeanne Casteux. Until then, the recovery certificate you receive after you are free from illness will allow you to hold a valid health pass. I take this message to wish you a speedy recovery and a happy holiday!

11h04 : After two doses of the vaccine, I got covid on 12/14. I had to give the third dose on 12/28. I guess I have to rule it out but no one is giving us a clear answer. It’s very dull. Will my vaccination pass still be valid with new government decisions?

11h03 , dauphin freed Dedicates its first page to the arrival of holidaymakers on the slopes during the year-end celebrations. Mountain professionals are hopeful that the Kovid-19 pandemic will not spoil the tourism season too much.

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09h55 , @Gilles de Retz Unfortunately, the experts I interviewed on this question were particularly pleased with the good results of the booster dose against the delta variant. Omicron, which should soon become the majority in France, is unfortunately more permeable than Delta and less susceptible to vaccination. This raises concerns that the vaccine may be less effective at controlling transmission without making it unnecessary. In any case, we’ll have to wait for more studies to be sure on this topic.

09h54 : Hi @Gilles de Retz, I worked on two articles on this issue last week, specifically about booster doses. To summarize them in two words: By stimulating our immune system for the third time, vaccines cause a very rapid increase in the level of neutralizing antibodies against the coronavirus. Is to achieve not only a resultant immunity against severe forms and deaths related to the disease, but also a stronger protection against infection and transmission.

11h02 : Hello Fi. I’ll rephrase my question on transmission: do vaccinated people transmit less virus than unvaccinated people?

11h02 , Sunday newspaper Omicron devotes its first page to the edition’s arrival in France, which according to Olivier Veran should become responsible for most of the contamination by COVID-19 in our country in the coming days. The weekly highlights a worrying scenario: crossing the bar of 80,000 contamination per day by Christmas Eve.

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11h01 : Hi . While vaccines are not 100% effective against Covid-19 (like most other vaccines for that matter), having a complete vaccination program does not guarantee to avoid hospitalization due to Sars-CoV-2. But for a proportion of non-vaccinated people, hospitalizations due to the virus are much less likely, even more so if they have benefited from a booster dose, as these data from Driss reported by a journalist showed. has gone. of paris,

11h01 : Hello, Have not all patients admitted to intensive care have been vaccinated or are there patients who still have a complete immunization program and who are finally hospitalized? Thanks and have a nice Sunday.

11h01 , We begin without delay with the first point of the day’s news:

Imprisonment in the Netherlands, alert process started in London, New Year’s fireworks on the Champs-Elysées in Paris cancelled: A week before Christmas, restrictions are increasing around the world due to the very rapid spread of the Omicron version.

• Chilean voters are asked to choose their president from two candidates who are entirely opposed to social projects: one from the extreme right, the other from the radical left. Presentation of issues in this article.

• Boris Johnson is particularly trying to end the year: an already vulnerable, British prime minister lost his secretary of state for Brexit last night, citing political disagreements.

• At least 75 people have been killed in the Philippines during the strongest Hurricane Rai that hit the country this year.

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