George Floyd’s ruins came to Houston

George Floyd protested the USA
A protester stands in front of the US embassy in London on 7 June.
A protester stands in front of the US embassy in London on 7 June. Frank Augstein / AP

Thousands of protesters hit the streets of London on Sunday to support the Black Lives Matter movement, which gathered outside the U.S. Embassy in a solidarity demonstration with George Floyd, who was killed by police officers in Minneapolis in May.

Protesters marching in the capital met on Sunday and chanted the “black life issue” and carried many posters and posters with the same message; A protester who stood in front of the US embassy kept a sign called “Mr. President” that overshadowed your black life ego.

In a symbolic tribute to Floyd, who died after police officer Derek Chauvin pressed the knee on Floyd’s neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds, the demonstrators remained silent for eight minutes while kneeling.

Others were seen holding a “to die” demonstration alongside police officers standing outside the embassy building.

“We will let our voices be heard together. It is enough. Black people cannot continue to suffer, ”he said.

Meanwhile: Similar demonstrations are held in other parts of England; The video, published in the British media in Bristol, shows the protesters that he took the sculpture of the 17th century slave trader, Edward Colston.

The UK government called on citizens not to be afraid that protests could lead to further spread of the coronavirus, while the protest recorded significant participation.

Organizers, due to high participation – very little social distances have been observed, but many protesters wear masks or face coverings, while organizers say volunteers in high-visibility jackets will distribute masks and water to the demonstrators.

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