George Floyd protests America: Live updates

George Floyd protests America: Live updates
Protesters gather in front of the White House on the death of unarmed black man George Floyd, who died after being attacked by a white police officer in Minneapolis on June 2. Yasin Öztürk / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

In Washington, DC, it looks like the police are preparing to clear the protesters in the streets past the curfew.

The clock comes up to local time. The curfew came into effect at 19:00.

A new fence was placed around the park after violent clashes at Lafayette Park, close to the White House last week. CNN Reporter Alex Marquardt said the police are standing across the fence from the crowd of protesters who now score between 200 and 250.

Once in a while, protesters try to shake the hedges, but they are often shouted by other protesters.

The incidents briefly climbed, protesters threw fireworks and other bullets around the police – reacted to the crowd using pepper gas explosions and look like flash bursts.

“The response of the DC National Guard is what you see now,” said Marquardt. “I don’t see parking police, they’re all military police.”

Protesters pour milk and water to relieve their face and eyes to those hit by tear gas.

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