George Floyd protested America

George Floyd protested America

Most of the protests in New York today were peaceful walks – but as night fell, property destruction and looting also increased.

CNN Reporter Shimon Prokupecz said the loot on the scene was organized remarkably from time to time.

Prokupecz said, “They were going to the shops. They were going to break the windows. They know, they’re going to use a hammer.

Looting and destruction will serve as a second blow to many businesses that are already suffering from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Most of the hacked stores were already closed for months and were losing money.

“And now, (shops) are being looted.” Prokupecz said. “Everything has been removed, and now they have to repair the shops, fix the glass.”

Curfew across the city: The curfew of the city came into effect at 11 am. tonight will be extended tomorrow evening – but tomorrow evening at 8 o’clock it will be issued earlier. instead.

“The curfew is probably too late in the end,” Prokupecz said. “They brought more officers. They’ve doubled the number of officers that will deal with it today. That didn’t even help.”

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