General Townsend on a tour of Tunis, Tripoli and Algiers

As part of promoting peace and security in the Maghreb region and particularly in Libya as well as the Sahel (Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso), the head of the United States Command for Africa (Africa), General Stephen J. Townsend embarked on a tour of the respective capitals namely Algiers, Tripoli and Tunis.

It was discussed in the Algerian capital where the US delegation and General Townsend had started. Developments in the region, especially in the Sahel, by means of strengthening the security and capabilities of the countries of the region, particularly in the fight against terrorism », according to a press release from the Algerian presidency. America’s top official praised in a tweet by Africom Algeria’s role in promoting peace, security and prosperity in the region and beyond ».

The Algerian regime, which is trying to offer itself as a mediator in the crisis in Libya and Mali, indicated the visit, which General Townsend dedicated on Monday, indicated that ” Opportunities to advance cooperative relations in various areas related to US leadership activity in Africa were discussed, as well as to review the latest developments in the region, particularly the security situation in the Sahel and strengthening countries’ capabilities. means were discussed. of the region, especially those related to the fight against terrorism ».

So much for the protocol as well as as usual his mentor’s voices broke out and one of the paid media even portrayed it, ” The visit, moreover, comes days after Algeria decided to sever its diplomatic ties with Morocco, because of the hostility and malicious designs displayed by its neighbor to the west. It also intervenes at a time when foreign mercenaries are gaining influence in the region, such as the Russian private military company, which is already very active in Libya. However, the head of Africom went to Tripoli on Tuesday morning, where he met with Libyan Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dabibeh, in the presence of US ambassador and Libyan special envoy Richard Norland, following a statement from the Libyan government’s media office.

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Dabeeh and the US Army Commander (Africom) agreed to continue joint strategic cooperation between Tripoli and Washington in service of the stability and security of the region and to continue focused discussions with the US side. Coordinating efforts to fight terrorism in southern Libya “. The press release states that both sides ” Discussed the issue of expulsion of mercenaries, presence of foreign forces in southern Libya and efforts in this regard with neighboring countries. “. It is also said that Dabibeh and Townsend also agreed” To continue the joint strategic cooperation between the Libyan State and the United States in the service of the stability and security of the region », according to the Libyan government press release.

Following these talks, Townsend drove from Tripoli to his next destination, Tunis, where he was received by a high-level military delegation, with whom he was interviewed in the lounge of honor at Auina Military Airport. , according to a statement by the Tunisian Defense Ministry. The meeting once again focused on strengthening cooperation between Tunisia and the United States in the areas of training, border security and the fight against terrorism and organized crime.

This meeting was also the opportunity to discuss strengthening the operational capabilities of the Tunisian Military Institute in the areas of training, intelligence and joint exercises; as well as the regional security situation », he was added. As a reminder, Africom is a combat unit affiliated with the US Department of Defense that became operational in 2008. Based in Stuttgart, Germany, it coordinates all military activities with all African countries except Egypt, which cooperates directly with the Central Command.

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