Gemini Meteor Showers: This weekend is the best time to see the shooting stars in Edinburgh

A great shooting star display is expected to be visible over Edinburgh this weekend.

The Geminid meteor shower will probably be the most interesting until Sunday night until Monday morning. The night-sky spectacle will see 70 meteorites in the sky every hour.

According to The Daily Record, the show is considered one of the most fascinating events of the year as the world’s comedy moves through the dust clouds.

Gemini are remarkable, as they are often multi-colored, with different shades due to the presence of metals such as sodium and calcium.

As always, the best views will be seen away from the bright city lights and according to the Met Office there is a possibility of some clouds in the capital tomorrow night – so we may need some luck.

The forecasters, however, said that although there may be some break in these clouds around ten o’clock at night and when we look up at the sky.

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If you miss the chance to see last night’s spectacular view, all is not lost. Shooting stars will remain visible until December 17th.

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