Futura launches its first paper magazine!

Futura launches its own paper magazine :)! An exciting adventure and a challenge facing the entire team. At the heart of this wonderful project that you can participate in: making science accessible to all. Program and discover long-lived science.

20 years after its birth on the web, Futura continues its adventures and its evolution launch of a paper magazine, First of its kind. A great challenge to which the entire editorial team has put their heart to fulfill it, always in keeping with our cardinal values ​​of one Popular Science accessible to all And stiff ankles for the body (and heart).

Why Launch a Paper Magazine?

futura wants Go ahead With the creation of this new magazine, which is our first step into the world clipboard (a big challenge for Futura when we know the difficulties facing the region). out of magazine Internet That’s what you’re used to reading, this ambitious magazine wants establish longer thinking time,

Our compass:

  1. To surprise,
  2. decrypt,
  3. Embody,
  4. lazy.

as of recent health crisis whose scientific discourse is (and still is) often hidden clouds Conservatives and conspirators, it seems important to us to give all The key to understanding our ever-changing world And full of information.

Thus our science journalists examine four contemporary questions through interviews with experts, surveys and reports. char files In four different areas: Space, Planets, Health and Technologies which you will soon discover. The idea is to offer a large readership, from novices to enthusiasts, an immersion into the heart of the scientific disciplines that are pivotal to understanding the term.

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Ready to start Mag Futura?

For this adventure to be successful, Futura needs you. A few weeks before its launch, we invite you to become the ambassador of the project, in other words, ambassadors of science. you won’t find No ads in Mag Future, We designed the magazine as a project funded by its readers to guarantee its future and its editorial independence. opportunity for you Mag. involved in the heart of in the following weeks.

our journey Exclusive page on the Ulule crowdfunding site to participate in its launch. NS rocket is assembled and its take-off is up to you.

Thank you in advance for your support and sharing with your relatives (family, friends, companies, associations…) for this project, which is for everyone.

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