Fuchsey sports director Stefan Kretzschmar warns: “Sometimes there are only millimeters between lightness and frivolity”

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Fuchsey Berlin has not lost 22 games in all competitions and seasons. However, Stefan Kretzschmar is not completely satisfied.

Stefan Kretzschmar was not completely satisfied. Yes, his Fuchs managed to take two more points with him against Ann-Lübecke on Sunday and went undefeated this season. On the other hand, the game board again saw a game where it became unnecessarily cramped for Berlin handball players. “I’m torn,” said the 48-year-old. Of course, Lübecke is an obnoxious opponent, but also one who is currently battling some injury concerns. “I wanted us to call off the talk not until the 45th minute, but much earlier. We had a chance.”

Like the previous two encounters against Hanover and Toulouse, the Berlin feature film lacked rigor. Stages with hastily thrown pictures, coordination problems and technical errors prevented the Foxes from dominating the entire game, although the result was ultimately clear at 30:22.

“We free ourselves from a stressful situation and have the playful quality to win,” Kretzschmar said, “but sometimes the full focus is missing, excessive seriousness toward supposedly weak opponents.” The former international knows the character his team currently has. What works well is that the 22-game season without defeat and the cross-competition series ensure a certain confidence and looseness. This looseness should not lead to ego.

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“I like a good mood. I also like a good atmosphere in the team. But sometimes there are only millimeters between the necessary lightness and carelessness,” warned Kretzsmar and also emphasized that he was satisfied with the results of his team. But he’s been in business long enough to know that you can avoid a black eye once or twice, “but there will be adversaries from whom we can’t get away like this”.

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And Kretzsmar would like to prevent that as much as possible. This applies not only to the Bundesliga, but to the European leagues as well, where Fuchs will play against Tatran Preov on Tuesday (8.45pm/Dazan). On paper, foxes are a clear favorite. Because although the Slovak record champions have repeatedly qualified for the Champions League, the club has had problems in recent years. They were knocked out in the group stage of the European League last season. The victory of the foxes is necessary. And Kretzschmar would be much happier if he didn’t make his team unnecessarily exciting this time around.

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