FreakAngels, Crunchyroll’s highly anticipated anime release date

Streaming services are growing by leaps and bounds, but there is one that has found its niche with millions of followers for a specific type of content and that is crisp, This platform has already become the main consideration for users when choosing a series of anime, because in its library you will find the most important titles of today, such as Shingeki no Kyojino Where Kimetsu no Yaiba, But they will also open the doors for another much awaited show.

we are talking about strange angel, an adaptation of the webcomic created by screenwriter Warren Ellis and cartoonist Paul Duffield. The first edition of the comic has been published weekly through Avatar Press since February 15, 2008, having been announced a year earlier at the San Diego International Comic Convention. It was named one of Rolling Stone’s Top 50 Superhero Free Graphic Novels, won the Eagle Award for “Favorite Comic on the Web” in 2010 and 2012, and was nominated for a British Fantasy Award.

What is this about? Its official summary says: “Welcome to Whitechapel, humanity’s last stronghold. Six years ago, the world drew close to a single doomsday event that trapped Britain under a mysterious dome of purple energy. The last quarter of London was haunted by psychic powers. A small group of 23-year-olds together, thanks to the protection of the Freakangels, have managed to continue. Their fragile peace is compromised when a former exiled friend returns, uncovering the conspiracies of the past, and discovering this feature of convenience. creates new conflicts between members of the particular family. Will Whitechapel survive?” ,

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The project went official in 2020 and a small step forward was visible a few months ago. hissori shimizu will be at the core of each character’s design, which has also been worked out Megalobox, Fullmetal Alchemist, Samurai Champalu Yes paranoia agent, in the artistic direction we find osamu masuyamaRecognized for the show Made in Abyss, but especially for acclaimed films Your name Yes girl jumped in time,

+ When does FreakAngels debut on Crunchyroll?

According to the official report, the full range of strange angel It will air on Crunchyroll on January 27, 2022 In 200 countries and territories, subtitles are available in Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, German, Russian and Arabic. after a positive reception Faena: Pirate Princess, Streaming will try to continue with the same success with this eagerly awaited anime.

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