Four-day week will soon be tested in some companies

Work less to earn more. In the United Kingdom, about fifty companies will soon be testing a new work organization. From June, the four-day week (paid for five) will be used for a period of six months, reported slateSaturday, The experience will be overseen by the 4 Days Week Global Foundation, which advocates for four-day weeks around the world.

Scientists from the universities of Cambridge, Boston and Oxford will follow the results of this test closely. according to the magazine fast companyIf successful, a bill may be examined by the British Parliament to adopt a thirty-two-hour week.

No reduction in productivity was reported

In order to properly prepare the companies participating in the test, they will follow the training courses between the months of March and May. The goal is to manage the workload above all else, as the foundation wants employees to complete intensive working days. The experiment should begin in the month of February in Ireland and in April in the United States.

Many people defend the shorter work week. According to him, the model currently implemented in the United Kingdom is not suitable, as the working time would certainly be higher than the European average, but productivity is one of the lowest. Companies that have already tested this four-day week around the world reported no drop in productivity. Conversely, employees would be more fulfilled, and sick leave would see a decline.

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