Former UK Task Force Chairman: “Stop Mass Vaccination”

LONDON – Omicron teases. Since the discovery of the new variant in South Africa in November, a new scenario has been created. And more and more doctors and experts see Omicron as a possibility for an endemic, flu-like illness. Among them is Clive Dix, former chairman of the UK Task Force, according to whom we should stop mass vaccination and focus no longer on the spread of the virus, but on its treatment.

Omicron has been traveling for three months. It has reached almost all countries and many scientific researches have been done on its purpose. These suggest that yes, omicron is very contagious and spreads quickly because, as some people speculate, it mainly affects the throat and lowers the lungs. But they are particularly fueling the hope that the latter variant will become endemic and may be treated as the classic flu in the near future. It is also being debated in Switzerland, although the WHO warned mid-week that Omicron could spread to the extent of creating a new variant.

Since most people see Omicron as the solution, there are those who ask that the plan to deal with the pandemic be revised. Clive Dix is ​​the former chairman of the UK Task Force and has been actively involved in vaccine development, but is now calling for an end to mass vaccination. According to the Guardian report, what he wants is to reverse the approach of the COVID strategy and move towards the “new normal”. According to him, “we should consider stopping the tests and allowing people to self-isolate when they are not well and come back to their lives when they feel ready. Just like when you have the flu ».

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But before that “we need to put a stop to mass vaccination”. In his opinion, the government should support a series of research studies and analyzes of how effective vaccines have been in producing “immunity in memory B and T cells.” Particularly in the over 60 and vulnerable groups.

Although the former president’s statements aside are shocking, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced yesterday that 150,000 people have died in the UK in 28 days after being infected with the virus in the past two years, scientific departments differ. Question the need for a fourth dose, a campaign that has just begun in Israel. For example, the Joint Committee on Immunization and Immunization has determined that it is currently not really necessary. Most older people receiving a booster dose are still well protected by Omicron.

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