Foreign Minister official resigns from Trump’s handling of racial unrest

According to a report, a senior Foreign Ministry official who has served President Trump since the President’s opening resigned in the protest Thursday because he faced the country’s latest racial tensions.

Mary Elizabeth Taylor, the foreign minister responsible for legislative affairs, announced that she resigned in a letter to Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo. Achieved by the Washington Post.

“Moments of uprising can change you, change the course of your life and shape your character. “The president’s racial injustice and comments and actions surrounding Black Americans have been sharply cut against my core values ​​and beliefs.” “I must follow my conscience’s orders and resign as Deputy State Secretary for Legislative Affairs.”

Taylor, who is black, has been working with Trump as the deputy director of the White House since moving to the State Department in October 2018, since Trump has been the president.

According to the Washington Post, Taylor is the youngest and first black woman to serve as deputy state secretary for legislative affairs.

In his letter to Pompeo, “I am very grateful to you, Mr. Secretary, for empowering me to lead this secretary and advise you strategically. “I appreciate that you understand my loyalty to my personal beliefs and values, especially in the light of recent events.”

The renewed tension shook the country for eight minutes since May 25, when a white Minneapolis police caught the video kneeling at the neck of George Floyd, a black man.

The incident launched nationwide protests, and Trump threatened to help fire the army at some point – On the objection of some of them under their administration.

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Trump’s other actions have also been criticized for unrest.

The Civil Rights era threatened a potentially violent repression by tweeting “When looting begins, when the shooting begins”.

The prime minister also planned a re-election campaign rally in June 19. – A holiday showing the news of salvation reaching slaves in Texas – In Tulsa, Oklahoma, the scene of one of the country’s most famous attacks on black Americans in 1921.

Trump has since delayed this rally to June 20.

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