Foreign media about the appointment of Boris Johnson: “A bad …

In Europe, the nomination was met with satire. ‘Bojo”s French aide, Jean-Marc Ayrault, recalled that the former London mayor has “lied a lot” in the past – a rarity in politics (both politicians who lie and politicians who accuse others of lying ).

German news agency DPA calls Johnson ‘Where hat angst vor Boris?’ Dedicated a lengthy report under the title, translated as ‘Who is afraid of the Big Bad Boris’.

Until recently, Johnson was called “very popular”, but since his position on Brexit, the media has left the man very short.


Ayrault’s German ally, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, believes Johnson has behaved “irresponsibly” in his approach to the Brexit referendum. The German finds it “outrageous” that Johnson casually went to play a game of cricket after that referendum.

Fortunately, there’s still good old mate from across the pond: US State Department spokesman Mark Toner said he couldn’t wait to work with Boris and that Bozo’s appointment was “the history of England and the relationship between United”. A really defining moment in the State and the United Kingdom”.

On the other hand, German social democrat Martin Schulz was less friendly: he said he feared Europe could end up “in a dangerous vicious circle” with Brexiteer Boris.

sudden diplomat

This does not exclude the possibility that on Monday, during his first visit to his new position in Brussels, Johnson will appear in traditional photographs as one of the cheerful, cheerful Euro friends. Incidentally, Johnson is to lead the British exit from the European Union in the right direction, but former Foreign Minister David Davies.

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What the politicians think, the big media also thinks the same. And so the German weekly Der Spiegel calls the British government “House of Cards” (TV series, have you?).

Bad joke

Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborza – a pro-European – suspected Johnson “not qualified for the job”, while the conservative German newspaper Die Welt called the appointment a “bad joke”. The paper spits out the evidence because who else would dare label Hillary Clinton a “tragic nurse” other than Johnson. (Hillary has never been a nurse.)

Meanwhile in Russia people are watching the cat coming out of the tree. State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Alexei Pushkov said he hoped Johnson “does not suffer from the same anti-Russian disease as his predecessor.” Johnson has so far only made the Hitler equation mandatory for the European Union, and not (yet) for Vladimir Putin.

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