Florida healthcare worker, 15 friends catch COVID-19 at the bar

Florida healthcare worker, 15 friends catch COVID-19 at the bar

A Mayo Clinic employee, who has been closed for months in Florida to avoid taking Coronavirus, said that she had finally quarantined to go to a bar with her friends earlier this month, leaving her and 15 friends with infectiousness.

“The first night we go out – I think Murphy’s Law,” 40-year-old health worker Erika Crisp from Jacksonville, told to local WJXT TV.

“Our common point is all in a bar that night,” Crisp said to himself and his sick friends.

“I think we were careless and went to a public place when we shouldn’t be,” he said. Ron DeSantis’s plan to reopen the bars, one day after most of Florida entered Second Stage – the group’s trip to the popular Lynch’s Irish Pub on Jacksonville Beach on June 6.

After a few months of proper social withdrawal and “doing everything right,” Crisp may have made her and her friends better at that moment.

“We weren’t wearing a mask,” he said. “I think we had a“ overlooked, unnoticed ”mentality.

“The state is reopening and said everyone is fine, we took advantage of it.”

crispy Wrote on Facebook page June 12, “COVID My Life: Day 5 since the onset of symptoms. Since I had a mild cough for the first time on 6/8/20 Monday, it is considered the date when the symptoms started. On Tuesday evening, it is the time when I hit the full force with pain, chills, fever, dizziness on the day of tiredness and terrible cough. I also had no sense of smell / my sinuses were swollen. “

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Crisp, who said he was working at the Mayo Clinic on his Facebook profile, told the TV station that he had learned his lesson.

“We must wear a mask. We must be socially distant. ” “It’s too early to reopen everything.”

The bar was temporarily closed for deep cleansing after learning sick bosses. In the report, seven of its employees tested positive for contagiousness.

During the weekend, more than 2,000 new cases of COVID-19 reported daily, as Florida states continued to reopen their beaches. Florida hit a record new daily incident with 2,581 on Saturday.

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