First Reactions discuss the web

First reactions to the fourth installment of The Matrix have started to flow from across the web.

fourth part of matrix Seems to be seriously desired. This new opus will eventually be unveiled in 2022, with a release scheduled for the end of the year on HBO Max and in theaters. However, after the first screening, comments have started pouring in on the web. We attribute these first returns to David Manning on Twitter. And the least we can say is that the latter is shared to talk about the film.

Matrix 4 can disappoint! – credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Maxtrix: Resurrection Thus may disappoint many fans around the world. This new component, though long-awaited, will it turn into a bitter failure at the global box office? It is possible, if Manning’s statements are to be believed.

A disappointing new creation?

On Twitter, there’s no shortage of words when talking about Manning Matrix 4. According to his statements, This is new work “Weird and captivating, witty but overly ambitious«. Thus the latter predicts that the film may divide the masses and not achieve the expected success. It’s impossible to judge solidly, no trailer has been officially released yet.

the stakes are high ! Actually, The last three films collectively grossed $1.6 billion at the box office. So all eyes are on this new version. Hence the wait is huge among the fans and the makers, who hope that Matrix 4 Like the first films, there will be fate.

Finally, little is known about the contents of this project. Reeves and Moss will bring their iconic characters to life, Neo and Trinity. The fight against the machines seems to be starting again. Laurence Fishburne (Morphy) This new story may have a major drawback. According to recent rumours, the actor has been replaced by a “younger” version.. Agent Smith will also be kicked out of the game for this new assignment.

Newcomer to the cast, though: Christina Ricci. But his role is yet to be disclosed by the creative team. So it will be necessary to have patience to know more about it Matrix 4 Who wants to play the mystery card for many more weeks.

Source: Veer Hollywood

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