FFP2 masks distributed to students who appeared for the written examination at Vigyan Po Lille

This morning, there was tension among the first year students at Science Po Lille. Not only did they have to crack the written exam the first time they were required to graduate and get through continuous assessment, but in addition, it had the mandatory FFP2 mask.

The atmosphere at the amphitheater is studious, and students are focused. From the inception, the tone is set. “You all have the FFP2 mask on the table, you have to put it on.”

Josephine Pilot, first year student, hesitatesI, thinking of being satisfied with his surgical mask. But the instructions are clear, he has no choice, and adapts, because it is “first time” that she wears one. but if “Management decided it was better.”

For Jules Marchabett, who is also a first year student, distributing masks is a good idea. ,not only do we feel safe“, he explains, but above all, it allows to pass the test face-to-face.

,distance, it stresses me out too muchJules says, Because I’m going to be tempted to go look on the internet, to get my thing pretty complete, while there, I’m going to do my test, it’s going to be honest, it’s the same for everyone and it will be I guess that more egalitarian.,

Lastly, for these students, the stress mainly comes from the exam itself. It must be said that this is his first written test, as he did not have to clear the BA, for which he was judged according to the notes of continuous evaluation, the need for covid.

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Pierre Mathiot, director of Sciences Po, is also calm: “Students should report positive to a dedicated person. Friday, there were ten out of 520. There, there may be asymptomatic positivity, but by delivering FFP2, we are calm,

,We also have CO2 sensors, he adds, And we will open the windows whenever the rate goes up. And then we set the gauge. Shouldn’t be a problem with one student every two places,

Beyond these reviews, many mask FFP2 is ordered. ,Sufficient, Pierre Mathiot says, to be able to deliver it throughout the month of January, until the peak of the pandemic,

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