FES-UEMF: “Women in Science” Operational Chair

it’s official. EuroMed University of Fez and the Organization of the Islamic World for Education, Science and Culture (ICESCO) focus on inclusion and gender equality in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

This Thursday, June 17, 2021, UEMF President Prof. Mustafa Bousmina and ICESCO Director General Salim M. This has come to the fore from the agreement reached between al-Malik. Supported at the end of the visit of the head of ICESCO to UEMF, the creation of a new chair called “Women in Science” dedicated to research and innovation work in the field of artificial intelligence. This new creation reinforces the inspiration and commitment of the two partners who make equality a fundamental foundation and work to promote inclusion and diversity in artificial intelligence, among other things, in particular, a field that Which today has become the lever of development and progress in many fields. business area.

In fact, the mission of this Chair is to create a framework of reference for conducting and developing research work in partnership with the industrialized world of Morocco. With such a vision, the effect and all stronger. Thus UEMF intends to attract more doctoral students and especially doctoral students in the field of AI with a clear desire to support and promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the digital sector. Researchers of the future will therefore be able to build relationships with the world’s best laboratories thanks to their large network of UEMF partners through its School of Digital Engineering and Artificial Intelligence (EIDIA), the leading school in the ‘Engineers in this field on the Euro’ . African scale.

“The coordination and management of this chair has been entrusted to Professor Maha Gamira, a recognized expert in artificial intelligence”, it emphasizes. And to specify that Ms. Gamira is an expert and teacher in the School of Digital Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, having completed her doctoral thesis at the cole Polytechnique de MontrĂ©al, one of the world centers of excellence on AI. , Data Science for real-time decisions IVADO, CIRRELT, GERAD, etc. And MILA was presided over by Prof. Joshua Bengio did it.

Today, she is a member of several prestigious research institutions and groups recognized as world leaders in data science and artificial intelligence: Canada Excellence Chair.


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