FDI Morocco into France: how economic diplomacy moves its vanguard

The 2021 assessment of job creation international investment, published recently, testifies to a record year for France’s attractiveness. How are things going behind the scenes?

France is working hard to attract more Moroccan direct investment to its region, and it is paying off. In this 2021 report, Morocco is ranked 17th, the first country in Africa for the number of jobs created (15 jobs generated by 259 projects) and the second in the number of projects behind Tunisia (15th).

“Morocco’s good result in this 2021 report reflects the state’s position as Africa’s leading investor in FDI stocks in France, as also recalled by Minister Franck Rister during his last visit in November 2021. It is certain It is also a result of the support given by the Trade. France Office in Casablanca in conjunction with the Regional Economic Service in Rabat,” commented Helen Le Gall, the French Ambassador to Morocco.

According to Stéphane Lecoq, Africa’s director for investment activity for Business France, the projects of Moroccan origin are mainly in the software and business services sectors.

The three main regions where projects of Moroccan origin are located are the Paris-le de France region (4 projects with 81 jobs created in three years), the Normandy region (3 projects and 51 jobs in three years) and Sud Provence. Alps Cte d’Azur region (3 projects and 27 jobs in three years).

Even better. The 2021 assessment of job-generating international investment reflects a record year for France’s attractiveness. In 2021, 1,607 investment projects were identified, an increase of 32% compared to 2020. These projects created or maintained 45,008 jobs, an increase of 30% compared to 2020. A historical level!

France has never been as attractive in 2021. And to promote the attractiveness and economic image of France, its companies and its regions, France relies on its economic services, in particular its agency Business France, in service of the internationalization of France. The economy in the region was overseen by Stéphane Lecoq, Africa’s director of investment activity for Business France. The agency is responsible for the international development of companies and their exports, as well as the possibility and reception of international investments in France. And it must be said that its teams based in Casablanca have a job.

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To support the increasing flow of projects of Moroccan origin, Business France’s investment center in Casablanca has recently been strengthened with the arrival of Victor Blaise in February 2022 to support the increasing inflow of projects of Moroccan origin. It must be said that in Morocco, the coverage rate of Business France as of this 2021 report is over 87% for the number of supported Moroccan projects and 92% for the potential jobs created by these projects of Moroccan origin. It says a lot about the work done behind the scenes.

Business France packs its bags on the premises of the Consulate General of France in Casablanca

And even though covid and the international context have hindered the good performance of some activities, the support of project leaders in the field, especially in France, an essential step to increase the chances of success of the Act of Investment, the Business France team will be able to achieve greater efficiency by packing them in an environment that allows them to deliver an approach that allows: simplification of procedures, closeness and exclusivity of the negotiator, in addition to their mission of development and investment promotion.

The second conference to present the 2021 Report on FDI in France was for Serge Musetti, Consul General of France in Casablanca, an opportunity to make an announcement along these lines. “We have the whole France team here in Casablanca, that is, all the operators who have gathered there and who not only represent and manage, but also do economic activity. We form a compact team and to further underline this, We would welcome Business France and the French Public Investment Bank BPI to the Consulate General’s premises in Casablanca, France, to not only provide them with an integrated work environment, but, symbolically, to show that we have all our We have strengths and we combine them for a common goal and economic development.

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The challenge is to improve the framework to welcome investors and remove barriers to realization of investment projects. Do-it-yourself investment promotion is a practical approach aimed at encouraging people to make their projects a reality.

France’s record year 2021

Last year an average of 31 investment decisions were recorded per week in France. These projects come from about sixty different countries, but the year 2021 is marked by a significant strengthening of France’s attractiveness to European investors, at the core of two of the three projects. Germany has become the leading investor country in France with nearly 300 projects ahead of the United States (247 projects).

The United States ranks first in terms of jobs (10,118 jobs against 8,063 for Germany). The United Kingdom completed the Investor Countries Forum in France with 151 projects (4,202 jobs) identified. Decisions on new locations are in the majority: 51% of projects correspond to start-ups, indicating investor confidence in the business environment and economic prospects in France.

The expansion, a sign of renewed confidence from foreign companies that have already invested in France, represented 44% of projects and almost half of the jobs. These expansions are mainly related to industrial sites. The re-industrialization of France is a reality. In 2021, 460 foreign-origin industrial projects were identified in France, an increase of 49%, a record high.

These projects have created or maintained more than 15,000 jobs in France. Industrial projects represent 29% of international projects and 34% of related jobs in France. Of these, 83 per cent judgments are extensions. These results suggest that the process of re-industrialization of the French economy, which has been going on for several years, is accelerating in 2021 and that, far from being started, the confidence placed by international investors in the French site is not healthy. getting stronger. Problem..

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He chose France: Aloe Guarante, specialized in IT services

The Business France report cites startup Aloe Guarante, which has established its international subsidiary in Lyon. The Moroccan-origin startup, spanning the proptech and insurtech sectors, has established rental guarantee solutions and other services for foreign students coming to France to facilitate their search for accommodation.

Initially designed for Moroccan students, the solution aims to address students from across the African continent, as well as young staff and foreign talent. The two co-founding partners have decided to establish their sales and marketing subsidiaries in Lyon, within H7. The structure will create about fifteen jobs over three years and is intended to be an international holding company for fundraising in the future.

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