F1 2021 introduces the characters of its Point of Rupture mode

If the first story mode was introduced F1 2019, the license did not renew the experience in 2020. Now that the My Team mode has been tested, the Codemasters teams have created a scenario called “Point of Rupture”. The story was inspired by the “Drive to Survive” series on Netflix which focuses on the behind the scenes of Formula 1.

In a new article featuring the title, publisher EA wanted to present the main characters who will interfere with the course of your story. In the pilot level, you will meet three fictional characters on your adventure.

  • Aiden Jackson: This young driver is a rising star in the discipline. Having recently arrived in Formula 1, he teamed up with veteran Casper Ackermann, his idol.
  • Casper Ackermann: At the end of his career, “Cas” wants to help his team rise to the top, despite the emergence of very good drivers
  • Devon Butler: The Opponent F1 2019 came back! Annoyed by his sometimes borderline off-piste behavior, your main opponent is extremely talented and his on-piste ability is well established.

Two other recurring characters will also be in play:

  • Brian Doyle: This charismatic person acts as a mediator between you and the team manager. Everything happens through him and if everything doesn’t go according to plan then he has to make her happy.
  • Zoe Akkerman: Casper Ackerman’s wife is his main support in his career. It will reveal the demons that bite the veteran pilot behind the scenes.

So all these speakers will allow players to find Formula 1 on the track, but exclusively outside the circuit. If the conflict is still intense wheel by wheel, then mental warfare will also exist. breaking point.

F1 2021 It is scheduled to be released on July 16, 2021 and will leverage the Smart Delivery system. The game is available in the regular edition for €69.99, and in the deluxe edition for €84.99 which will give you early access to the My Team mode and the iconic pilot.

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