Extraordinary. After their win in the lottery, they intend to double their winnings thanks to a placement

This was in November 2019: Steve Thomson won the lotto worth 105 million pounds, or 125 million euros. British magazine Sun An article published on Monday portrays him, and reveals that his friends now call him “Mr. Raisnable” (“Mr. Sensible” in English).

Why this nickname? Because instead of spending a substantial portion of their fortune, Steve and his wife Lenka, who are 44 and 43, decided to invest their money to ensure an even more comfortable amount of money for their children and grandchildren. has decided. Sun The report said that by investing around €35 ​​million, the couple could earn an additional €100 million over the next 20 years, almost as much as they had originally won.

Steve and Lenka, who live in the UK, are parents to three children. So his plan is that this money should benefit his descendants for many generations.

he continued to work

Why Steve got the nickname “Mr. Reasonable” was also the fact that he didn’t quit his job immediately after hitting the jackpot. As reported at the time, this entrepreneur also completed the sites he started for free. west france,

Thomson has since donated several million euros to his hometown cricket club, his children’s school and a medical centre.

After spending some time in the house they lived in before their win, they finally moved into a house last year that cost them £4.5 million, or €5.3 million. Their new home is 650 square meters, with six rooms as well as a swimming pool, a tennis court and two lakes…

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