Experts reckon that an Icelandic volcano is erupting again

Experts reckon that an Icelandic volcano is erupting again

Hey, good news guys! It looks like one of Iceland’s most active volcanoes – a country that knows a thing or two about volcanoes – is about to go away again, or experts say.

Just when you thought this worst year might not throw up on us anymore. It’s an education folks, it can always be bad.

However, you may remember the last time that Gramsvton exploded, as it only came back in 2011 and resulted in the grounding of about 900 flights.

At least no one is really going anywhere right now, so it’s not such a big deal, is it?

In 2010, when the Izzafallajakul volcano was easily headlined, it caused not only that, but 100,000 flights over the deck.

Credit: Shutterstock
Credit: Shutterstock

However, Gramsvton is larger than this and is covered with ice on top. People looking at the Shennigans of this type of earthquake have noticed that there is something in the gut of the ancient volcano that is running.

Earthquake activity could mean that magma is swollen and will soon spread to Earth.

Dr. Dave McGarvey, a volcano expert at the University of Lancaster, wrote in The Conversation: “Increasingly thermal activity is melting more ice and there has also been a recent increase in earthquake activity.”


All this underground nonsense indicates the conclusion that it is preparing for something. The next indicator would be a ‘strong tremor lasting a few hours’ which indicates that the magma has moved to the top.

Australian scientists claim they have proved that travel is possible for mathematics at that time
Published10 days ago

This is why they are speculating that air travel may be disrupted.

An IMO statement said: “Multiple datasets indicate that the Gramsvuton volcano has reached unrest.”

Dr. McGarvey added: “If there are occasional larger volcanoes in Gramsvton that occasionally cause many more small volcanoes that will continue into the future, the next eruption should be a smaller one (given that there was a larger one in 2011).”

Credit: P.A.
Credit: P.A.

Because it is covered in ice, volcanoes are usually not too bad for this particular volcano. The emissions hit the ice and scatter together, meaning less fine particles are scattered in the sky to annoy the pilots.

McGarvey explained: “Ash clouds only travel decades from the eruption site.

“It’s a good view for Icelanders as well as for air travel, as it prevents the formation of ash clouds that can blow around and block the airspace.”

So what’s not so bad, above all?

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