Exciting sports coverage from Insider Wales

Exciting sports coverage from Insider Wales

Millions of people across North America were in awe on Monday as they witnessed the total solar eclipse. From Mexico to Canada, the celestial event captured the attention of many, including readers of Insider Wales Sport who shared their experiences and images.

Among those who witnessed the eclipse were Daniel McCartney and Mariel Williams, who both marveled at the rare occurrence. Juan M. Soto Peña watched the eclipse with his family in Tucson, Arizona, and it was a special moment as it marked his daughter’s first cosmic experience.

In Vaughan, Ontario, 12-year-old Michael Goldstein and his friends from Star Galactic took their eclipse viewing to the next level. They launched a weather balloon to watch the eclipse from an incredible 100,000 feet above the Earth. The team released the balloon from Concord and were amazed when it landed an astonishing 552 miles away in North Conway, New Hampshire.

Vishnever’s parents were grateful for the support of local businesses who helped retrieve the balloon, which was a highlight for Goldstein and his space group, Project Eclipse. The young explorer hopes to learn more about the altitude the balloon reached and use this experience to improve future launches.

As the eclipse captivated audiences across the continent, it also inspired individuals like Goldstein and groups like Project Eclipse to reach for new heights in their cosmic adventures. Stay tuned for more updates on their space exploration journey on Insider Wales Sport.

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