European, American tourists offer au revoir

The move will highlight the US’s failed efforts to suppress the coronavirus pandemic: the charts of new cases of confirmed coronavirus on both sides of the Atlantic are moving in the opposite direction. Openings in Europe can have the same painful effect in states such as Florida, Texas and Arizona. However, European states often apply tighter deadlocks earlier than the US, and wearing masks is not the polarized problem it is here.

In this case, the EU decision will be another personal embarrassment to President Donald Trump for directing the pandemic. The president often explodes in perceived events. But since he ignored the Covid-19 crisis in the US, he could let it slip. Also, as the White House has previously pointed out, Europe’s entry into the US has already been suspended.

The absence of US tourists will hurt the European tourism industry. Millions of dollars bring their dollars to the Atlantic every year, driven by the continent’s history, cuisine and ambience. According to EU data, Italy, France, Germany and Spain host most Americans. However, until the bi-directional flow between the Old and New Worlds is restored, the humming of visitors in Europe’s cathedrals and museums misses some je ne sais quoi of the eavesdropper.

See you next year, hopefully.

‘Oh my god, don’t make that phone call’

What did Trump learn about statecraft after hundreds of “top secret” phone calls and negotiations with foreign leaders? Not much, according months of reporting for CNN by senior Washington reporter Carl Bernsteingovernment sources say there is little evidence that Trump has become more competent in implementation. Instead, employees, the President is still reject the briefing read before the call itself Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s President Recep and Russian President Vladimir Putin strengthened as personally against powerful people and German Chancellor emerging women leaders such as Angela Merkel “stupid” and claims to be weak.

Among the revelations: Erdogan’s search timing was so perfect that some employees wondered if Trump had accessed his personal schedule. According to a German official, Trump’s arrangement of Merkel was “so unusual” that special measures had to be taken to ensure that the private content of the searches remained private in Berlin. Employees do not grind their teeth while the president’s fingers go to the phone.

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Agenda spies

For an intelligence service that should work in the shadows, Russia’s GRU seems to attract many headlines. Officially known as the General Staff, GRU has long been Accused by the west Organizing faceless and high profile attacks, including attacks on Democratic Party email accounts in the US presidential election and 2018 nerve agent attack in Salisbury, UK.
After reports of US intelligence concluding GRU operators, the spy agency is again at the center of international attention Offers Taliban cash incentives to kill US and British troops in Afghanistan. Strangely enough, however, the alleged operation could potentially conflict with Russia’s goal of bringing the fighters to the table in Afghanistan.
Russia has developed contacts with the Taliban and other warring parties in Afghanistan as a way to influence the results in an area where it considers its strategic backyard. “It is known that there are Russian contacts with the Taliban and at least a little lubrication of the benefits as a protection technique,” says Laurel Miller, director of the International Crisis Group and Asian program.

He added, however, that the operation to reward US troops would be much more provocative and “something different” than typical behavior. “It contradicts what Russian official policy is,” he said. In other words, the alleged GRU operation targeting the U.S. and coalition troops could backfire: potentially undermining the U.S. withdrawal support or perhaps bringing fresh sanctions to Russia.

However, the agency has a reputation for facelessness and previously operated opportunistly or independently, independent of official policy. Andrew Weiss, vice president of work at the Carnegie International Peace FoundationPoints out that GRU continues operations that aggressively lead to diplomatic fallout.

Intelligence experts say that Salisbury poisoning, which led to an investigation output that caused Bellingcat to unmask alleged GRU operators through open source research, shows model recklessness and open brutality rather than a secret approach to spycraft. This sent a message to GRU’s enemies.

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“This was a model we saw many times in Ukraine,” said Weiss, citing Russian intelligence activities. “The Kremlin is a machine that is almost never greased, but Putin does little to improve Russia’s international image – either by refusing open Russian mistakes or throwing a security blanket over the security agency.” – CNN’s Nathan Hodge Meanwhile from London

Trump says GRU was never informed about the alleged reward program. Asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper, Democratic Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “If they had this intelligence, they should have briefed the President. Why didn’t they? Because they know he’s so unhappy and all the ways for him are Putin” – before Trump’s Ukraine and a sentence he used about the Russian election intervention scandals.

Actually, Intelligence about visible land appeared early in one of Trump’s daily summaries This year, a directly-informed US official told CNN on Monday that he is seriously considered that the staff of the National Security Council have come together to discuss “possible intervention options”, including sanctions, when intelligence is developed.

‘If I could build a wall around us … I would do’

Trump is not the only US leader to build a wall. In light of a major revival in coronavirus cases in the United States, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said on Monday that he would not pay attention to a wall for his area alone. Speaking of New Jersey’s war with Covid-19, he said, “In this case, we lived in hell to reach where we are.” “Obviously, I never thought I would say these words, but I would do if I could build a wall around our environment or region. But we can’t, so we have to rely on personal responsibility and proper behavior, common sense for common good.” Outside the state visitors Quarantine for 14 days After arriving in New Jersey.

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