Epidemiologists explain how coronovirus eradicates the flu

Pandemic has changed our routine. Thus, it has become customary to maintain Social distance, loss of relationships or use of masks. These changes have also been noted during the influenza season Cases reported to date are rare.

in our country, As of January 31, 2021, influenza surveillance system in Spain (SVGE) only registered Season six. It can spread the thought that We end the disease, although experts differ from such statements.

Fear of officers

this is Weather with the fewest cases in history. Health officials have expressed concern that a condition similar to other years, combined with coronovirus, This can cause further damage to hospitals and medical resources, further complicating the situation.

even though Lack of cases can also be a problem. According to The Atlantic, many experts believe the flu has occurred, but it does not. It was hidden for anti-contagion measures: mask, social distance and hand washing.

As the aforementioned media indicates, “without a case of influenza to study, Researchers have been denied critical data to develop the vaccine and predict the next pandemic. Influenza viruses are not extinct. They are temporarily hidden. And no one knows when or how they will return. “

Effects of the next outbreak

This leads to lack of data The effects of the next outbreak are unknown. It is not yet known whether any of the existing strains will last forever, but The fear is that if it continues to develop anonymously to this day, it turns out.

Shweta bansalA geologist at Georgetown University warns in the Atlantic if social behavior changes in summer “May be an off season. Sensitivity increases in population, so people Little or no immunity is fuel for the flu. More fuel is available, It would be easy for an epidemic to occur. “

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Hidden by epidemic

For this reason, despite the flu feeling domestic, The reality is that due to change in behavior it is masked Originating from the coronavirus era. Only when normalcy returns to our lives, The general effects of this pathogen can be re-known.

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