Enormous Sea Monster Fossil Unearthed: A Closer Look

Enormous Sea Monster Fossil Unearthed: A Closer Look

Discovery of Rare Pliosaur Skull Unveiled on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast

Dorset’s famous Jurassic Coast has yielded an extraordinary find – the complete skull of a pliosaur, a colossal marine reptile that roamed the seas 150 million years ago. Measuring an astounding two meters in length, this remarkable fossil is one of the most intact specimens of its kind ever unearthed. The lower jaw and upper skull are still intact, making it a truly remarkable discovery.

Renowned palaeontologist, Steve Etches, who had the privilege of examining the find, described it as one of the best fossils he has ever worked on. The uniqueness and completeness of this ancient skull are simply unmatched. Etches further commented that the size of the skull, which is longer than an average human’s height, offers a glimpse into the immense proportions of the creature itself.

The fossilized skull boasts an impressive 130 teeth, each of which is intricately marked with fine ridges. These ridges aided the pliosaur in piercing flesh and swiftly extracting its dagger-like fangs. Dr Andre Rowe from Bristol University likens the pliosaur to an underwater T. rex, capable of effectively hunting down any prey within its territory.

The incredible find was made by Phil Jacobs, an enthusiastic fossil explorer, who stumbled upon the tip of the snout on a beach near Kimmeridge Bay. Recognizing the significance of his discovery, Jacobs wasted no time in alerting experts to ensure the safe retrieval of the fossil.

Transporting the delicate and heavy fossil presented a challenge, requiring a makeshift stretcher to ensure its safe return. Steve Etches, accompanied by an experienced team, carefully carried the fragment to safety. Etches emphasized the importance of preserving such rare specimens for further scientific study and public appreciation.

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Excitement surrounding this extraordinary find has grown to new heights, as the pliosaur skull is set to be featured in an exclusive programme on BBC One. Sir David Attenborough will host the show titled ‘Attenborough and the Giant Sea Monster,’ which will air on New Year’s Day. The programme promises to provide viewers with a fascinating insight into this awe-inspiring prehistoric creature and its place in the natural world.

With this incredible discovery, Dorset’s Jurassic Coast continues to unveil the secrets of our planet’s ancient past. The pliosaur skull adds another remarkable chapter to the ever-evolving narrative of our planet’s history.

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