Endfield announces a new 3D RPG coming to PC and mobile

If you play on your mobile occasionally, you may know arcnites, This RPG with tower-defense mechanics has made a name for itself among many gachas, becoming one of the pillars of the arena. studio hypergriff still well looked at the success of jenshin effect and decided to push a gear up, by introducing a new game arcnites But this time in 3D, Arknights: Endfield,

a project not yet advanced

Arknights: Endfield so the universe will be wellarcnitesAlthough with its own stories and its new characters, The plot will take place on the planet Talos-II, where some of the colonies live in dangerous land, which is prone to various environmental disasters. Therefore Endfield Industries is responsible for the discovery of this planet and the discovery of all its secrets.

Then we will control a team in these vast areas, with Real-time combat including strategy, Various quests have to be completed in order to face more challenges and advance the story.

However, it is still too early to fully understand the scope of the game. The team claims to be at the beginning of development, and is exploring various avenues to figure out what the guideline will be. So we don’t know if it will even be a free-to-play gacha, but we do know thatIt is currently employed on PC and Mobile,

However, a gameplay video in English was relayed by gematsuGiving us a glimpse of the first set.

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