Emily in Paris: Season 3 will take place in the City of London?

An actor from Amelie in Paris confesses in season 3 of the series. He reveals that part of the adventure may be in London!

While Season 2 of Emily in Paris was released a few months back, Netflix has already announced Season 3. The filming hasn’t started yet and one of the actors has already informed about the sequel. Actor William Abadi, who plays Antoine Lambert, says as follows An excerpt from the series in London, MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Emily in Paris: Never 2 Without 3… or Even 4

Netflix already sees a bright future for its hit series! Just weeks after the release of Season 2 of Emily in Paris, Netflix Made a big announcement on Twitter last January,

Actually, Netflix official season 3 And Season 4 of the series as well. Enough to ignite many fans on the social network!

And for good reason, like the first two seasons, this third part exceeds expectations by fans, Rest assured, you’ll find Lily Collins on Netflix soon!

all above, Some information about this season 3 Emily’s leaks started in Paris. for example, Shooting start date already known, It’s actually scheduled for June 2022!

Many elements have also been revealed on the casting side. for example, alfie character, explained by Lucien Laviscount, will be present In Season 3!

But that’s not the only news about the next season. Actually, an actor of the series has just made revelations. on his social network, MCE TV tells you more!

Season 3 in London?

After Netflix’s announcement last January, it didn’t take long for Lily Collins’ reaction to hit the social network. Actually, a 33 year old girl couldn’t hide my happiness,

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“I got up with very exciting news, Emily in Paris will be back for Season 3… and wait, a Season 4! […] I love you all, thank you for your incredible support. I am looking forward. Thank you very much ! ,pleased the actress.

More recently, another actor from Netflix’s flagship series also talked about the next season. Comedian William AbadiAntoine Lambert, aka Antoine Lambert in the series, has just released some more information for his fans!

“We’re in full pre-production, and I think we are going to paris in early june, So I guess a little bit what happens”said the actor.

but that’s not all ! Might as well be Emily in Paris Take a Detour to the UK, “I also predict that with Alfie coming to London, maybe we will spend some time there”, says the actor. Will Emily join Alfie in London?

William Abadi ended his message by warning his fans. “Nothing’s official yet, so don’t trust my words. But I think It is possible that we will end up in London”, The 49-year-old actor said, To be continued !

you must have understood it, Season 3 of Emily in Paris Has Many Surprises in Store, Meanwhile, in case you missed Lily Collins, Netflix has released his new thriller, feedbackFeaturing Actress!

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