Elon Musk says humans will live in glass domes on Mars before teraforming

Elon Musk says humans will live in glass domes on Mars before it finally takes on a terrifying form.

A technology billionaire has invested billions in his SpaceX program aimed at getting space travelers and humans to Mars as soon as possible.

He recently took to Twitter to share his vision for the future and said he was confident we would secure the planet’s foundation soon.

In response to a question about what life would be like, Kasturi wrote: “The first life in glass domes. Finally, emerged to support life like the earth.”

Extending the statement, he added: “Terrifying will be too slow to be relevant in our lifetime. However, we can lay a humanitarian foundation for them in our lifetime.

“At least the future spacefaring civilization – discovering our ruins – will fascinate people and people have gotten so far.”

Last month, SpaceX also discussed what life might be like when people finally make it to the Red Planet.

The The plan was laid down Sterlink’s Beta Consumer Terms of Service Was recently Sent to customers.

The section reads: “For services provided on Mars, or in transit to Mars via Starship or any other means. Colonies Spaceships, teams AgainKnowledge Mars is a free planet and no Earth-Based The government has authority or Sovereignty On Martian activities.

Accordingly, Disputes will be settled through the principle of self-governance established in good faith during the Martian settlement.

Speaking of the recent Mars Society annual Conference, Musk said Settlement on Mars should be self-sufficient and not dependent on Earth

He said: “It could really come down to: Are we going to build a self-sufficient city on Mars before or after World War II on Tuesday?

Musk says humans will live in glass domes as soon as we finally land on Mars. Credit: P.A.
Elon Musk says City on Mars 'glorious' but colonizers could die
Published3 months ago

“And I think it’s likely to be created after World War 3 – hopefully World War 3 never happened – but the latter is less likely, so we should make any effort and try to make the city self-sufficient before World War 3.”

And sPicking in September during the 49-year-old virtual ‘Humans to Mars’ conference Billionaire Promised that a Martian settlement would be ‘glorious’ but acknowledged that without itThe risk of this.

He said: “I don’t think reaching Mars is a fundamental thing.

“The basic issue is to build a base, to build a city on Mars that is self-sufficient

“We’re going to build a propeller plant, an initial Mars base – Mars base alpha – and then where it’s self-sustaining.

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