Effective preventive and protective measures against monkeypox

While there have recently been confirmed cases of monkeypox in Quebec, Quebec’s National Institute of Public Health (INSPQ) is mobilizing its various expertise to support the health network in the event of this outbreak. These will be merged into the Monkeypox webpage as they become available.

Among humans, the virus causing simian pox, also known as monkey pox or monkeypox In English, transmitted by droplets emitted during conversation, mainly close and prolonged contact, in the absence of wearing personal protective equipment. It can also be transmitted to a lesser extent through contaminated objects and surfaces.

targeted vaccination

The Quebec Immunization Committee (CIQ) has issued recommendations for the administration of a Health Canada-authorized immune vaccine in 2020 to certain people after exposure to a confirmed or probable case of monkeypox. These interim recommendations will be adjusted based on the recommendations of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) as and when the epidemiological picture of monkeypox becomes clear.

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