Driving outside of Wendy, where Rayshard Brooks was killed

Driving outside of Wendy, where Rayshard Brooks was killed

According to a report, a man was shot late Saturday, when Rayshard Brooks was killed outside the city of Wendy when he faced the police.

The 35-year-old man was shot in his leg while shooting by car at 18:00 on University Avenue and Pryor Road, Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The witnesses told the police that the police spokesman Anthony Grant had come out, who was shot by someone using a gray Dodge Challenger who was last seen driving north on Pryor Road.

The intersection in the fast food eatery witnessed major protests as it was shot from behind by a deadly police officer during a fight in Brooks’ parking lot.

According to the newspaper, a 24-year-old woman was shot on the leg outside of Wendy after her gunshots exploded during an otherwise peaceful demonstration.

Former police officer Garrett Rolfe was charged with Brooks’ death for heavy murder, five aggravated assaults, one primary criminal damage, and four violations of oath.

His former partner, Devin Brosnan, faces aggravated assault and three-time violation of vow.

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