Drama Ericsson, Experts Opinion On Return To The Field

Words of: “His heart was no longer beating, he was gone but we took him back” one shot by morten bossen, medical director of Denmark, who saw Christian Eriksson in dramatic moments for the first time disease in the area during the match against Finland.

After relief for player status, fans and enthusiasts inevitably question themselves on career future Inter midfielder’s after what happened on the pitch.

Sanjay Sharma, The former Ericsson Doctor of Sports Cardiology professor in his Tottenham years is pessimistic: “This guy had normal tests as of 2019, so how do you explain this cardiac arrest? We have to understand. I don’t know if he will ever be able to play football again. without compromise, really it’s like it’s dead, for a few minutes, but he died and will the doctor let him die again? The answer is no”.

“The good news is that he will live, the bad news is that he was nearing the end of his career, so he would play another football match at the professional level, I can’t say. He will not play in the UK. we will be very strict about it“.

Daniel Andreini, The Head of Sports Cardiology at Gazzetta dello Sport at the Monzino Cardiology Center in Milan is not unbalanced: “Back on the pitch? hard to say now. Cardiac arrest, if any, does not usually occur in a healthy heart. Underlying the arrhythmia is often an organic heart disease. It is necessary to reconstruct the sequence of events, but often in these cases there is a relevant cause that jeopardizes the return to activity”.

“We are facing an arrest, possibly due to a ventricular arrhythmia, for a persistent tachycardia. This can happen despite controls. And the controls in Italy are stricter, more so than in other European countries combined. Not to mention the States”.

doctor Roberto Corsetti, expert in cardiology and sports medicine, expressed his negative opinion to Il Giornale: “I’m afraid it’s too hard and complicated that Ericsson can come back to play. A healthy heart does not go into ventricular fibrillation and fatal arrhythmias are not so severe that they can be fatal. We are facing a heart disease, because unfortunately for other athletes who have died in the past, football players Curie, Morosini, Foy and Astori or basketball player Vendemini”.

Vincenzo Irasitano, specialist in emergencies and emergency surgery, remains a possibility at Repubblica: “Eriksson certainly did all the travel to Italy and the screening done here is not common in all parts of the world. But at a certain time in life But there can be similar manifestations without any warnings. The investigation will now prove something.”

“Back on the field? I guess if all the investigations reveal nothing, then yes. now it’s Too long to say, but I’m thinking of goalkeeper Casillas, returned to training after more than one case”.

OmniSport | 13-06-2021 23:20

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