Does the Queen’s absence mark the start of a regency for Charles?



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While Queen Elizabeth II’s absence from the throne speech revives speculation about the state of her health and her abdication, author and British monarchist Jean des Cars returns to the future of the crown, Within 23 hours of franceinfo,

Jean des Cars, the author of two biographical works on Elizabeth II published by Perrin, wants to reassess the reasons why the Queen had to deliver a speech from the throne on Tuesday 10 May: “She believes that she is not going to impose a degraded image on her subjects. Obviously there are loads of years, loads of anguish, the pain of losing Prince Philip”, The authors point out that this is only the third time the Queen has missed such an appointment, with other failures being due to her pregnancies.

Is this the start of regency for Charles , As for Jeanne des Cars, even if everything is ready, she remains confident that she will never resign. “The word abandonment is a nightmare for her, it ruined her family’s life”, remembers the author. After the abdication of Edward VIII, Princess Elizabeth became heir to the throne., in 1936, At the age of 10. Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate, Its Platinum Jubilee in early June, which marks 70 years of rule, a record so far Beat, Will the queen be there? “I Hope for the British”The closing of Jean des Cars.

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