Do you know the Isles of Scilly? tropical and exotic part of england

Snow-white exotic beaches … in England? Yes, it exists. Off the coast of Cornwall is a Caribbean-looking paradise island group called The Isles of Scilly.

Maybe you don’t feel like a tropical vacation with England and you think more about the rain and hot pubs. But the Caribbean has a corner with the atmosphere. The English Isles of Scilly, or Isles of Scilly, are located in the United Kingdom off the coast of Cornwall. In the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. There are five inhabited islands and 140 small uninhabited islets.

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Isle of Scilly different temperature than in England

Among the five inhabited islands are St. Mary’s, where most people live, St. Martin’s, with beautiful beaches and even wild seals, a palm-tree trellis full of flowers and the serene St. Agnes/Gugh and Brayer. The archipelago has just over 2000 residents. Most of them live in St. Mary’s. You can easily rent a kayak or bicycle in the capital, Hugh Town, in St. Mary’s. The distances are not much and a car is completely unnecessary. In addition, boats regularly ply between the islands that take you from one island to another.

They don’t know snow or freezing cold on The Isles of Scilly. How do these islands feel so tropical? It has everything to do with the warm ocean currents of the North Atlantic Drift. Apart from the impressive nature, the islands also have a lot of history. As a visitor, you’ll find old monuments, medieval buildings, and relics from the Roman era. People have been living on the islands since the Stone Age.

underwater world full of treasures

The particularly impressive underwater world and colorful reef are a delight for divers and snorkelers. During a diving trip you may come across the wreck of an ancient ship. The waters of the archipelago have quite a history. Today, astonishing treasures still abound on the beaches. For example, 90-year-old archaeologist Richard Larn found Once, examining the wreckage of ships, thousands of gold coins.

Europeans love to go on vacation to these islands – Dutch’s favorite is outside

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Do you know the Isles of Scilly? tropical and exotic part of england

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