Dismantle ‘Rotten’ Minneapolis Police Department

Dismantle 'Rotten' Minneapolis Police Department

Democratic Representative İlhan Omar went beyond calls to terminate the police after George Floyd’s death, instead he urged him to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department because he was “rotted”.

Omar, who is in the congress area of ​​Minneapolis and its suburbs, recalled efforts to reform police departments, increase diversity education and hire minority police chiefs.

“Well, we had a black president, we had a Congressional Black House, we had black mayors, we had black governors and we had black city councilors, we had black police chiefs, still being killed, brutalized, driving, mass imprisoned and still protecting children and We are discussing how to chat with the people who need to serve, so kill them in return, ”said Omar during a rally in Minneapolis on Saturday. Washington Sentinel. “I’m with you, I’m tired.”

Protesters and members of Black Lives Matter “defended the police” during nationwide demonstrations about Floyd’s death on May 25.

“We have to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department completely. Because there is something at work, there is a cancer, ”he said, in order for the amputation to continue, it should not spread.

“The Minneapolis Police Department is radically rotten, and so when we break it down, we get rid of this cancer and let it rise to something good, and this re-enactment allows us to understand what public security looks like to us,“ First term congressman Ömer said.

Floyd, a now-shot police officer, Derek Chauvin, died after pressing his knee over Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes.

Chauvin was charged with second-degree murder.

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