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Case #1: You (or someone else) use $this.View.AuthResponse.DeviceLimit on more than one device and/or browser at the same time →Log out of devices and/or browsers you don’t use

CASE N°2: You are browsing in private mode →Always log out before closing browser window

CASE N°3: You decline connection cookies in your browser settings (or an update changed your settings) →Change your browser’s cookie acceptance setting

In all cases → Clicking “Continue on this device” resolves the issue

What happens if I click “Continue on this device”?
You will be able to enjoy your account on this device and all your other devices will be logged out. You can reconnect to it anytime within range of $this.View.AuthResponse.DeviceLimit devices.

How can I see connected devices?
Go to your customer area and click on “Manage Devices”. If it gets there after you click “Continue on this device,” there should be only one.

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