Diet drinks linked to 20% increased risk of dangerous heart condition, study finds

Diet drinks linked to 20% increased risk of dangerous heart condition, study finds

A new study has found that consuming artificially sweetened beverages can increase the risk of atrial fibrillation by 20%. Atrial fibrillation is a leading cause of stroke in the U.S. and can lead to serious health issues such as blood clots and heart failure.

Experts recommend replacing diet and added-sugar sodas with water to reduce the risk of atrial fibrillation. The rate of atrial fibrillation is on the rise in the U.S., with an estimated 12 million Americans expected to have it by 2030.

High soft drink consumption, along with other risk factors such as obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes, contribute to the development of atrial fibrillation. A recent study analyzed data on nearly 202,000 people and found that higher consumers of artificially sweetened beverages were more likely to be female, younger, and have Type 2 diabetes.

Researchers are now recommending that individuals reduce or avoid both artificially sweetened and sugar-sweetened beverages in order to lower their risk of developing atrial fibrillation. Making healthier beverage choices, such as drinking more water, is crucial in preventing this dangerous heart condition. Stay informed and prioritize your heart health by choosing beverages that are better for your overall well-being.

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