Derek Chauvin voted ‘illegal’ in Florida before George Floyd’s death: lawyer

Derek Chauvin voted 'illegal' in Florida before George Floyd's death: lawyer

The former police, accused of kneeling around George Floyd’s neck, illegally voted for the Florida elections while an alleged lawyer lived in Minnesota on Friday.

Lawyer Dan Helm sent a letter with ex-police Derek Chauvin’s voting record. Orlando Sentinel reported.

“While living in Minnesota, working there, paying taxes there, Derek Chauvin cannot claim to live in Orange County. His home, residence and where he wants to live are not in Florida, but in Minnesota. Helm, who worked as the election auditor in Pinellas County, wrote.

Chauvin’s court documents list their residence Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis, as in the city of Oakdale, Minnesota.

The Minneapolis police department, where Chauvin worked deadly on his knees during the arrest, does not require police officers to reside in the city, according to the website.

The Minneapolis Police Department had a residence requirement for officers – a draft law called “Stanek Residency Freedom Bill”, which was removed in 1999 and banned the state municipalities from work for work by the then governor Jesse Ventura, According to

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