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Often confused with lemon, citron remains rare. This yellow citrus has an irregular shape and a larger proportion than a lemon. It is cultivated for its very fragrant bark which is liked by both perfumers As a pastry chef.

lemon season

Citron, fruit of the citron tree (Citrus Medica) looks bigger lemon With more attractive characteristics: a size of about 20 cm and a weight of up to 3 kg. Its skin, very fragrant, is yellow but not smooth, fleshy with less pulp than other citrus fruits, not very juicy with seeds and a white part called albedo. The thickness of its peel is more dense than that of lemon.

This citrus fruit is part of the Rutaceae family (Rutaasi) tree, which can reach up to 4 m, is present in Asia, Italy, Greece and Corsica. It is covered with small, very green evergreen leaves, flowers with a pleasant aroma, from March to September, then produces citrus fruits between September and December.

nutritional properties of citron

very rich Minerals, In Vitamin A, b, c and fiber, Citron is an ally for the human body.

varieties of citron

Taste and aroma may vary depending on the varieties grown:

  • Corsican Citron: Large citrus with pale skin and very discreet pulp;
  • citron ‘digitata’ or Buddha’s hand: the shape of the hand with the bent fingers is original;
  • Citron ‘Diamante’: Smooth-skinned fruit often found in marmalade production;
  • Cédrat ‘Poncire de Collioure’: Catalan variety with smooth skin;
  • Citron ‘Athrog’: Large fruits with bumpy yellow skin.

cook citron

Lime is more sought after for its bitter and powerful bark than for its less pulp. acid than lemon. fresh, you can keep it cold, at the bottom of the cans fridge for 15 days. to convince, keep this safe fromWind, in an airtight compartment.

As a treat, enjoy a nice citron jam on a slice of toasted bread or candied citron. Find the zest of candied citrons in the preparation of tiramis, cakes or sweet pastries. In Corsica, citron is the main ingredient in a liqueur called “citron”.

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