Decazville. Paddle Tennis Club inaugurated

Several people, including elected officials, police station representatives and Basin firefighters, for the official opening of the paddle court at Firmy-Dequezville Tennis Club. Councilor Ramiro Rocca, in charge of sports in the municipality of Decazaville, began the speech under a beautiful sun: “This is a new asset for the tennis club and a new leisure activity for the local population. Paddle is becoming fashionable, this one It is a fun, dynamic and engaging game. The equipment is also part of the sports area which extends to the Camille-Gibert grounds adjacent to the indoor tennis courts.

Ramiro and the mayor, François Marti, thanked all the entities that participated in its funding. As a reminder, the budget for this structure is €41,000. He has benefited from several subsidies from the State, Departmental Council, French Tennis Federation. The municipality of Decazevilloise has disbursed €16,000 for its share.

Tennis Club President Christine Decock, as well as General Counsel, Christian Tiuli, sketched a short history of the club, which brings together little yellow ball enthusiasts from 1981, “During the first years there were 400 licensees and This club was easy, a golden age”, we heard. In fact, apart from the novelty it offers, the Paddle project was also born out of the condition of an old clay court that had been greatly damaged.

Regional Councilor Pascal Mazet underlined Ramiro Rocca’s strong implication in the project he was able to complete. Finally, the Vice-Prefect, Guillaume Raymond, emphasized the integrative and emancipatory role the game plays among young people. The state is determined to support and promote the construction of various sports structures throughout France”.

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Note, during this inauguration, the presence of Joaquín Latorre-Moreno, the mayor of Utrillas, a Spanish city that joined with Dacazville, and his deputy Eduardo Fernández, who did not fail to point out that the paddle is very popular in Spain. . “As well as in Argentina,” Ramiro said.

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