DC supports for protests added to mayor ‘BLM Plaza’ screen

Washington, DC will launch most of the city’s mayor on Saturday to prepare for mass protests – the city’s mayor shined a real spotlight on the White House’s decision to rename the streets around the “Black Lives Mater Plaza”.

Mayor Muriel Bowser added light projections to the area shortly after the new moniker was painted in large yellow letters on 16th Street.

“@ MayorBowser’s Chief of Staff John Falcicchio told me that the Mayor made new Black Lives Matter light projections to the White House. They are in two buildings in the newly named Black Lives Matter Plaza. ” NBC reporter Shomari Stone tweeted Friday.

Bowser, hit by President Trump as “clumsy”, later released another view of BLM Plaza.

“You are awake? Here is the view from space” Wrote early Saturdayand an aerial shot of the DC plaza, the scene of mass protests and high-power projectors.

Bowser announces renaming early Friday: “The section of the 16th street in front of the White House is officially“ Black Lives Matter Plaza ”.

Renaming is seen as a public discount as President Trump alleged that he used military force to clear demonstrators days ago.

The police shut down most of the vehicle traffic near the White House on Saturday from 6 am. Washington Post reported.

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