David Bowie: Hear an unreleased version of “Starman”

listen to his version songbird », a Fleetwood Mac classic from 1976, in which Christine McVey sings on a string arrangement.

Christine McVey spent the majority of her professional career with Fleetwood Mac, but took a brief break in 1984 to record. Christine McVey Then 20 years later, In the meantime. This solo work is largely unknown to the general public, but she hopes to change that with its release on June 24. Songbird (a solo collection), It is a fusion of his two solo albums and some unreleased songs, including ” all you got do », a duet with George Hawkins originally recorded In the meantime.

Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham had active solo careers during their time with Fleetwood Mac, but McVey never really had this desire: I never felt like a solo artist, she explains Rolling stone From his home in London. I have always loved being part of a group. I also felt a little uncomfortable doing a solo tour for these songs. ,

For this new collection, McVey went” See My Favorite Songs That Weren’t on Fleetwood Mac Records ‘, is working with producer Glynn Johns to recreate the track with additional instrumentation.

, challenge McVie’s 1984 single from the debut album, featuring Buckingham’s backing vocals and Eric Clapton’s guitar. , I clearly remember asking Eric to play on itMcVey says. And to my delight, he accepted. Like all my songs, it’s about life, regrets and rejection. ,

most of the songs Songbird (a solo collection) come from album In the meantime, Fleetwood was released in 2004, a few years after leaving Mac and retiring to the English countryside. The album peaked at #133 in the UK and did not chart in the US. , i love this discMcVey says. I don’t think he got the promotion he deserved ,

The only Fleetwood Mac song on record is his 1976 ballad ” songbird The new vocals combine their original vocal track with a new string arrangement by composer and arranger Vince Mendoza. You can listen to the song here:

Fleetwood Mac has been completely inactive since the conclusion of their world tour in 2019. It was his first outing since Buckingham was ousted, who was replaced by Crowded House frontman Neil Finn and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. , these guys are greatReassures McVey. We have had a good time with him, but now we are separated, so I rarely see him., I don’t communicate much with Steve either. [Nicks], We did a lot on the last tour. We always used to sit next to each other on the plane and we got along very well. But since the band is broken, I don’t talk to him at all. ,

Does he mean Fleetwood Mac no longer exists? , Well not as we knowMcVey responds. I don’t know. Impossible to say. We could have gotten back together, but I couldn’t say for sure. ,

Mick Fleetwood talks about his hope to see the lineup Rumors To improvise for a big farewell tour, but McVey is very suspicious. , I don’t feel physically ready for it. I am very ill. I have chronic back problem which weakens me. I stand to play the piano, so I don’t know if I can physically do it. what is saying? The spirit is strong, but the flesh is weak. ,

In theory, McVey could sit at the keyboard so that it would be easier for him to go through a gig, but according to him, it wouldn’t work. , I can’t sit in front of the instrument I play. You have to stand up to play the piano and Hammond’s organ is down, so it’s a little hard to imagine me sitting. either way, i wouldn’t do it ,

According to McVey, bassist John McVey is in a similar situation. , I don’t think John is ready for another tour. He has health problems, I don’t know if he will be ready for it. You’ll have to ask him. ,

If a tour takes place, Christine McVey hopes to find a way to get Buckingham back in the band. , I still want Lindsay to come back. it is the best. Neil and Mike were such a happy couple, but we missed Lindsay. ,

, but i’m so happy to be homeThat detail. I don’t know if I want to go on tour again. It’s a very tough job. ,

This may disappoint legions of Fleetwood Mac fans, not to mention some of his bandmates. But he’ll be relieved to know that she’s not going to completely shut the door on tour. , I can’t really be sure, I could be wrong. So I’ll leave the question hanging and say we can do this ,

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