Damien Riott joins LHC for one season

After extra time in the National League Championship, Beale won 4–3 over Friborg-Göteren. Geneve-Cervet defeated Bern 3–1 in a crisis at the start of the season.

Zeelanders scored only two points and lost their leading position on goal difference in favor of Zug. But they managed to defeat their “son Noir”, Friborg Göterön, at the end of an absolutely stunning scenario. It looks like a double from Chris DiDomenico put Christian Dube’s men on their way to victory. Even more so when Beale’s defender Victor Lowe received a match penalty for a wrong charge (33rd).

When Killian Motte scored 3-0 in the power play, the game’s luck was sealed. This was without taking into account the anger of Antti Tormenon to defeat the players.

Benois’ reaction in the third period was mind-blowing. In eight minutes, Zeelanders erased three goals thanks to a goal from Austrian Hofer and a brace from Finnish Saalinen to return to 3–3, including a power play breakthrough in the 58th minute. Goten Haas’ teammates also managed to win, thanks to Hofer’s second goal in overtime.

Geneve-Cervet managed to achieve a second straight success with their win against Bern, who authored a horrific start to the championship with four consecutive losses. Tomarnes had an impressive job for the band (37th) before converting capital player Jacquet into a goal that held until the middle of the match (1–1). Thirty-five seconds later, Antonietti deflected a smack shot for 3–1. Genevans was able to find Simon Le Coltre on defence, but must compose for a month without striker Puliot.

Ajoie spanked by Lugano

Lausanne did not know how to take advantage of several periods of numerical superiority to create a feat in the Zug. Vaudois suffered a 3-1 loss after Burtsky’s cane-end 2-2 in the last second. But goalkeeper Genoni made a brilliant save and Simien could score in the empty cage on clearance. John Faust’s players seem to be improving after a disappointing performance at Biel last Friday.

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For his second top-flight match, Ajoi becomes aware of the demands of the National League. Lugano left no chance for the Jurassians (7-1). After 15 minutes, Ticinese had already hit Morini, Thurkoff and Alatallo three times. The future Bernese, Romain Löffel was the author of a double for Luganese.

No one can stop Ambari-Peyota at the start of the season. The Levantines celebrated their third success of the season in as many games. Against the Langnau Tigers at Ilfis, they succeeded where Geneve-Cervet had failed on Saturday. They managed to live up to their advantage taken in the first half (3–0) and won 3–1.

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